These are the requirements to install your Amahi Server.

  1. Hardware

    A computer with minimum required specs of

    • 1+GHz CPU, 64-bit only (no support for 32 bits)
    • 10GB Disk, and
    • 1+GB RAM
    • The more CPU/Memory/Disk the better for you, of course!
    • One wired network interface. Wireless interfaces are not supported in the server itself. Wireless networks in clients are fully supported.

    NOTE about networking: Please disable all but the one interface you will use. Only the first Ethernet device is supported. Amahi requires that you physically remove or disable (typically at the BIOS) any additional network interfaces except the one you plan to use permanently

    Installing with one device and changing to another network device is not supported. The server is “bound” to one device after the install. Changing this is beyond most users.

  2. Software

    The Amahi software CD/DVD.

  3. Your Amahi install code

    You can get your install code by:

    • Making an account at Amahi
    • Click on Start building a new HDA and follow the prompts

    Forgot your install code? Find it at your Amahi control panel.

  4. An internet connection during install

    Critical updates and configurations are performed at installation time via the network.

This diagram shows a typical Amahi setup in a small network

Typical Amahi Setup